Our philosophy here at Golden Honey Kennels is to breed premium quality Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles with every decision based on what is best for the health and safety of our puppies and their parents. To this end, we pay specific attention to the following:

Breeding Quality
OFA and genetic testing is always done to ensure to the highest degree possible that no undesirable genetic qualities are being passed on that would endanger the life, health and daily enjoyment of both our puppy and their new family. This includes OFA testing of the hips, elbow, eyes and heart, as well as genetic testing for all current GANA Blue Ribbon recommended diseases. Additionally, a very selective process is followed when identifying breeding pairs to ensure not only the desired coat/color/composition but also temperament and intelligence. We always strive to be true to the breed for both retrievers and doodles.

Nutrition and Health
Nutrition in the foundation for a healthy happy puppy! We use only Orijen premium dog food both for the dam during her pregnancy and for the puppies once they arrive. We also ensure there is always plenty of fresh filtered water available for the mother and puppies (when the time comes!). We are a small private breeder for a reason, we love are dogs and they are part of our family. They live in our home with us, not out in the yard in cages. There is almost always someone home, but when puppies are in the house, it is a guarantee! There is always someone here to make sure the puppies are well cared for and given plenty of attention and love!

Emotional and Social
As a small breeder, we enjoy the ability to give all our focus on each individual litter from preconception to going home day. There are no other distractions that keep us from focusing solely on taking care of every small  need out puppies may have. We spend many many hours on the floor spending time with our new babies from day one. Especially in the first 24 hours, which is so critical to their survival. We are also unique in that we start potty training our little pups at 3 weeks old!  Again, our focus is on happy, loving puppies that are eager to go to their new home and are as ready as possible so their new family will enjoy the experience too!

Happy Families = Happy Puppy = Happy Breeder
We want to ensure that you are as excited about your new puppy as we are, and the best way to do that is to delivery a happy, healthy beautiful puppy. But we also know there are little things that make a difference as well. As your puppy grows up, he will be no stranger to the camera! We take pictures daily of every cute little thing they do! We also get videos of first kibble day, first day with toys, etc. There is always something photo worthy going on when there are puppies around! All of these pictures will be uploaded to Facebook with each puppy having their own album for you to download! You will also get a blanket and toy to take home with you that has the smell of his mother and siblings, which help with their transition. And, of course, we are always a phone call away should any need arise.