At Golden Honey Kennel, our entire focus is on raising top quality, healthy, loving wonderful puppies. Every effort is made to ensure that our puppies will go on to live wonderful full lives with their new families. Just one look at our Philosophy will show you how dedicated we are to our puppies. But we are also dedicated to our families. We know that even with all our efforts, mother nature can give us a surprise, and sometimes not for the better. This is a constant concern for quality breeders, but should never be a concern for new families. Our promise to you is this, we will be there for you if the worse should happen! We offer a two year guarantee on the genetic health of your new puppy, much longer than necessary given that most genetic issue can be determine within the first year!

As a small private breeder, we also like to keep in touch with our new families. Once you take your new puppy home, you are not forgotten! We want pictures and updates and well as questions and concerns. We will always be there ready to answer any questions you may have!

Please click here for a our Health Guarantee!