Our Story
Our love of all things golden began in 2010 with our boy Max. And now, 10 years later our story continues...
Our Philosophy
From OFA and genetic testing, to careful monitoring of puppy growth, to abundant affection... in everything we do, our puppies come first ...
Our Promise
We want our puppy to have the best home in the world! So we do all we can to ensure our families top quality, healthy, happy puppies...
What a great day! Let's play!
So this is where tennis balls come from!
I think he wants to take me home!
Max is the key to selecting the perfect Christmas tree!
This toy is AWESOME!!!
This boy knows what he is doing!
What a comfy spooo.....zzzzzzz
Puppy love is the BEST!!!
Someone is ready to play!
Don't we look sooo cute!!!
So tiny!!! But her day is coming!!!
Ahoy mate!!!
A mother's love, nothing is better!
Can't get enough LOVE!