The most amazing gift is that of creation and we get to witness this miracle all around us everyday! But as a breeder, I am blessed with being in a front row seat for this incredible experience whenever I see one of my sweet momma's through their pregnancy and whelping! There are so many aspects of the canine pregnancy I have found to be interesting and intriguing, but the speed with which it all occurs is truly remarkable. In only 62-65 days, a litter of up to 8-12 puppies is ready to be born! While they are still very dependent on their mom, these little ones are born with all they need to survive with the instinct to search for warmth and food. And if you have ever seen a litter of new born puppies fighting for the last teat, they are also born with the instinct of survival! While we do not get to watch this amazing process play out inside the mother's womb, here is an amazing video that gives us a glimpse of the miracle…

 This video is a clip from the National Geographic production "In The Womb: Animals".

   Perfectly Rawsome

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