Puppy visits are simply the BEST! And to keep the experience the as wonderful as possible, it is always good to ensure everyone knows exactly what is needed and expected upon arrival. Below are the Golden Honey protocols followed at ALL visits. After reviewing these protocols, you can schedule a Golden Honey Puppy Visit by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Golden Honey Puppy Visit Protocols

  • Be on time. While I do have buffers built into the calendar, the puppies will need rest between visits and there is usually behind the scenes stuff that needs to be done prior to the next visit. Unfortunately, it is not fair to short change the puppies or the next visit, so if you are late, your visit may be cut short.
  • Schedule only one visit per week to allow all families an opportunity to schedule a visit. If more than one visit per week is scheduled, extra visits will be cancelled.

  • Only human visitors! I know our pets are VERY MUCH a part of our family! However,

    1. the puppies are in a very vulnerable state with respect to susceptibility to disease
    2. our new momma will not tolerate any other dog near her puppies when they are this young

  • CRITICAL: Please do not visit dog parks, PetSmart, PetCo, etc. prior to your visit here. I take precautions with respect to removing shoes and washing hands, however, you can still carry dangerous diseases on your clothing. Remember, these little guys are depending on you to be smart and come in with clean clothing that has not had even the slightest possibility of exposure to unknown animals.

  • If you are bringing young children with you, please discuss with them before hand that they will need to:

    • Respect all rules and expectations of the breeder while visiting the puppies, NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Understand that they may not be able to hold the puppies if the breeder does not feel it is safe
    • Stay calm and keep voices at indoor levels
    • No standing while holding puppies
    • No picking up puppies without permission from the breeder
    • Visit will be halted if these requirements are not met

COVID Protocols

We will be following the recommended Covid protocols for small gatherings. When possible, all visits will be outside. However, with young puppies and colder weather, this may not be possible. The space we have indoors may prove difficult for keeping 6 feet of distance, especially given that I need to stay close by if puppies are being handled. With these limitations in mind:

  • All visits are optional and at the request of the family. Families who choose to visit Golden Honey are accepting full responsibility for their health and safety, especially, but not limited to, the risk of becoming infected with Covid.
  • Any person not having proof of vaccination will be required to wear a mask for all indoor visits where the 6 foot distance may be compromised. We will have masks available if you arrive without one.
  • Golden Honey will have both hand sanitizer and antibacterial hand soap available.
  • Families are expected to follow current CDC protocols when assessing whether they are safe to visit Golden Honey. Please do not visit if:
    • Any person visiting has been in a public situation while not following Covid guidelines in the past 14 days
    • Any person visiting is experiencing any signs of illness such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19
    • Any person visiting does not meet current CDC guidelines for being outside of quarantine
  • Only two visits will be allowed per day, one morning visit and one afternoon visit. This is to allow time for cleaning and disinfecting after each visit.

Thank you for your patience while we try our best to keep our Puppy Visits as safe and Covid friendly as possible!


By clicking on the link below and scheduling a puppy visit with Golden Honey,
you are accepting all Golden Honey Puppy Visit and Covid Protocols specified on this page.

Click here to Schedule Your Puppy Visit!

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