Breeding is a fun, exciting, wonderful experience! BUT... there is a dark side!!!  It is a lot of work and there are a lot of dirty jobs involved! Many have enjoyed watching the whole process unfold on my puppy cams and have asked about the different tools/cleaners I use in my day to day adventures with my puppies. So, here is a page with links to some of my favorite products, actually... products I cannot live without! Hope this helps ???


Cleaning Products 

OdoBan Citrus Disinfectant

Great product for serious cleaning! It is a concentrated product, so you can dilute based on the type of cleaning you are doing. I use this in my home too! It comes in several scents, I just like the citrus the most. Home Depot carries this in stock, so it's an easy grab.

Odor Bully-Odor Neutralizer & Multi-Surface Cleaner

Seriously amazing product, great smell and works unbelievably well. I use this to clean up messes as the day goes on, I put it in the washer where bleach normally goes when washing toys, towels and puppy bedding, definitely us it as a final spray on the puppy training grass. And it is non-toxic, so it is safe to use around pets! Really, really, really LOVE this stuff!!! Unfortunately, I have not found this product available locally. So I either order it directly from the company (which is the like above), or I do a google search and see who has it for the best price when I am buying it!

Grandeur Hospitality Towels

I buy the hand towel and wash cloth by the truck load, at least it seems like it! You can get inexpensive towels anywhere, but this is where I get mine and they are very durable! I do recommend having a good number of "clean-up" towel available when you first bring your puppy home!


Puppy Potty Training

There are puppy training grass pads that you can buy that come in packages with the tray/grass/grid all in one. Just do a search on Amazon and you will have a plethora to choose from! These will work for one puppy if you are only planning on using the grass while your puppy is, well, a puppy! Of course, since I am dealing with more than one puppy, I needed something on a much bigger and way more durable scale, so I came up with my own and I really do like my setup. For the tray I purchased a replacement pan for a dog crate so I could get the size I needed, which was 42x28. Next was managing the amount of pee-pee my little angels generate! So I found Ultra Giant dog pads that were the perfect size for the pan I selected! The final challenge was finding the best grass to top it all off with, and after trying several different brands, I found MegaGrass Pet Turf, which is by far, the best I have ever used, cannot recommend this grass enough! This setup can be created in several sizes because all the products I selected come in varying sizes, so have fun!

Replacement Pan for Midwest Dog Crate

Top Paw® Ultra Giant Dog Pads

MEGAGRASS - Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Grass Patch for Dogs


Puppy Crates

My F1 Goldendoodles will generally be in the weight range of 35-55 lbs, with the occasional pup reaching in the 60 lb range, so a 36" crate should be the correct size for your puppy long term. But do your research, each crate company may have different standards! Below is the crate that I prefer. A crate that I DO NOT recommend is the Top Paw crate. While puppies should never have their collars on while locked in a crate, these crates have protruding pieces on the doors that, when open, can easily snag a collar. I did have a puppy get snagged by one of these and she wound up almost choking herself on it. So, not a brand I would ever recommend! Below is a link to the Midwest iCrate, I have found this crate to be more solid that many others and the sliding lock does not seem to have any loops/hooks/etc. that might catch a collar when the door is left open. No guarantee that puppies won't find a way, but so far so good!

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate